Republicans announce they are going after Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and others


By John Marshall

We all know the wheels of justice turn slowly especially in the district of criminals and as for justice concerning the Clintons it’s a long time coming.

Finally, republicans have announced they are going after Hillary and Uranium One among other crimes.

Trump said give me a year or two and I think you will be impressed. Once again he’s delivering on his promises.

The Clintons are like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde with a high tech twist being placed in our government to bring this country down. Watch this video and enjoy the good news.

On top is a shorter version from Media Buzz below is the long version from C-Span with comments from the republicans calling for Hillary’s arrest.

Unsealed indictments for Malhuer refuge, Nevada Bundy ranch, and Uranium One. Governor Kate Brown under indictment and running for re-election?

By John Marshall

Here are the unsealed common law indictments for the Malhuer refuge occupation, the Nevada Bundy ranch stand-off, Lavoy Finicum’s murder, and the Uranium One scandal.

This is a must read for anyone concerned about our rights, sovereignty, and freedoms. Follow this long link below this article and click on leave the site and the PDF will download automatically from Scrib.

This is good news for all concerned especially the family of Lavoy Finicum, the Hammond’s, the Bundy’s, and those ranchers that lost their property due to the thug tactics of the BLM, forestry service, and FWS.

This indictment calls for the death penalty three times concerning the premeditated murder of Lavoy Finicum. Kate Brown our foreign born (Spain) governor is directly connected to the murder of Lavoy Finicum and is listed in the indictments.

She is running for re-election after taking office from governor Kitzhauber who was involved in allegations of corruption and resigned. Under the democrat control in this state his corruption charges were dropped. So in essence we ended up trading one corruption for another. Here’s the story below from Lars Larson:

By Lars Larson

Accusations of criminal corruption cost Oregon it’s Governor two years ago, when Democrat John Kitzhaber stepped down after his girlfriend turned the office into a cash machine. Democrat Kate Brown replaced Kitzhaber and promised new transparency. But since she took office she fought every effort to make cheating harder.

Now we may know why.

Forbes magazine published an investigative piece that documents hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Brown and Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum from companies that hold literally billions of dollars in state contracts.

Federal laws passed in the 40’s make this kind of graft illegal, and many states forbid public office holders from taking donations from those who do business with the government.

Now, Brown wants Oregonians to increase their taxes by billions pleading that the state is broke. Brown’s already been caught putting people on her staff who have state contracts.

At this point, it seems Oregon only traded in its Kitzhaber corruption for Katie corruption: time for another public pink slip.

Today, I spoke with Forbes contributor and founder of  Adam Andrzejewski, who wrote the investigative piece for Forbes. Listen to our conversation below.


LINK  ——-dated 2/17

As usual the democrats think they can tax us out of debt, but in reality it’s like standing in a bucket and trying to pick yourself up, it can’t be done. It seems nobody wants to talk about Kate Brown under indictment while running a campaign for re-election. As stated in Lars Larson’s article, Brown has also been found to accept foreign donations from companies doing billions of dollars in contract business with Oregon’s government (Illegal) and has even put some contractors in positions of government.

IMO she should not be able to run for office while under indictment. She is facing a murder charge in the Lavoy Finicum case among other charges. The indictment speak for itself.

Brown is the one who called in the FBI in to quell the situation at Malheur Refuge which was never violent, in fact, it was quite orderly and controlled for the most part. Senator Wyden told the FBI,” the secret is getting out and it must be stopped”. Brown was simply trying cover for the illegal acts by many government officials taking place.

The secret that went all the way to Obama’s administration, was Uranium One which many politicians, judges, sheriffs, and lawyers in Oregon were involved in with kickbacks to look the other way as uranium was sold to the Russians from land that did not belong to Hillary while she was secretary of state. It was land that was stolen by BLM and FWS for the UN agenda 21/2030 under the guise of endangered species protection.

Obama tried to name more land here in Oregon as national forest or monuments so he could shut off the public lands from the public while they stole the resources from under our noses. Oregon is one of the richest and poorest states in the union. Rich in resources, but poor in jobs and income.

One of the main objectives of the UN’s agenda is to steal, consolidate, and control ALL resources on the planet. This includes all water ways and even ponds and streams. These agencies it turns out were working secretly for the UN and the Clinton Foundation.

Foreign mercs were called in by the FBI to help with the shut down of the peaceful occupation on public lands. The OSP were directly involved in Lavoy’s murder as well by luring in Lavoy to the dead mans blockade just down the road after a fake traffic stop that started with shooting at Lavoy to make him take off from them into the trap. It was all pre planned and now they too are indicted. All at the behest of Governor Brown.

These thug actions by BLM, FWS, and the forest service was all a ruse to move people off their land to obtain rare earth minerals, copper, gold, and uranium. Uranium which was under the Hammond’s property.

The full updated story of the Bundy’s and Hammond’s are for another day but this is urgent that we not let this liberal democrat run for governor. Tell everyone you know that governor Brown is under indictment and show them the proof that’s contained in the indictment.

Oregon has been ruled by democrats for too long. The last six governors have been democratic. Time for a republican. I’m sick of what the democrats have become and what they have done to this state and it’s citizens. From killing the lumber industry for a spotted owl that didn’t need old growth forests and breeding itself out of existence with the larger bard owl, to protecting a sage grouse that isn’t in danger, to stealing land and resources that has cost many lives. This has ruined many Oregonians livelihood and ability to thrive.

The Oregon state government has given over to the socialist costing jobs and creating poverty. 17016_10153150377988531_4502079003416409342_n.jpg

They are nothing more than socialist/communist and we know how well that works. Socialism has brought down Venezuela which at one time was the fifth wealthiest country under capitalism, now one of the poorest under socialism.

Socialism is antithetical to the constitution and should never be implemented in this republic even though FDR implemented the social security act which has become nothing more than a slush fund for grifters.

Bernie Sanders has a lot of people fooled who voted for him, thinking they will get free college tuition and other free-bees if elected. This would be at the expense of every one else that works. This non-sense of free-bee has to stop. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, someone has to pay for it.

To make America great again we have to vote out the democrats at every turn or we lose everything. This is not saying that republicans aren’t corrupt either but people must do their research before voting, PLEASE!!! Do not vote for Kate Brown she is not qualified to run this state except into the ground.

Follow this link below to download the unsealed indictments.

Northern_New_York_District_Court_Clinton_indictment (1)

Paul Ryan gives in to Trump

Paul Ryan gives in to Trump

Paul Ryan gives in to Trump, it is now Trumps GOP…

Scott Applewhite/AP

That didn’t take too long.

Me, it’s a question of how to move ahead on the ideas that I—and my House colleagues—have invested so much in through the years. It’s not just a choice of two people, but of two visions for America. And House Republicans are helping shape that Republican vision by offering a bold policy agenda, by offering a better way ahead. Continue reading “Paul Ryan gives in to Trump”

What is our government?


40 Outrageous Facts of the Global Currency Reset


40 Outrageous Facts of the Global Currency Reset

Terminology used by the banksters is purposely confusing, like  the term quantitative easing which just meant the printing of more money thereby reducing its value. The terminology, global currency reset refers to the shift from cash to electronic money. No more anonymity of cash, your every step financially can be followed without your knowledge. Will you take the money chip, the tattoo of total control, the mark to buy and sell or stand up to evil rule? This is the turning point.

I find it ironic that the worlds worse criminals want to track the innocent to hide their own criminal activity and to take control our every move. They want to keep us honest with  complete surveillance so they can depend on their suckers being there for them.

Of all the cash in circulation in this country, 3% is cash and the rest is electronic already. We’re already reduced to numbers on a screen that can be erased with the push of a button for your unauthorized beliefs, opinions, or your political affiliations, or with the same button money can be added for their criminal finances thus expanding the criminal grid exponentially.

All controlled by the Vatican, including the most evil families such as the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, and corporations that are the epitome of evil known as the NWO. The only choice we have is to end the fed period or face the worse slavery and genocide humanity has ever known.

Thanks to for this list perspective. There’s so much more however, if one decides to research a little because the information has always been hidden in plain sight.

6/7/16  by John Marshall

Once you go down the rabbit hole, you will discover things that most people don’t know. Here are 40 outrageous facts that most people are clueless about.

1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)fndnhgdnd

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN. (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816)

3. The U.S. has not had a Treasury since 1921. (41 Stat. Ch.214 pg. 654)

4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288)

5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States. No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of operating under bankruptcy its finally over. (Executive Order 12803) Do not personate one of the creditors or share holders or you will go to Prison.18 U.S.C. 914moneyyyy

6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the United States government. Even though the “US Government” held shares of stock in the various Agencies. (U.S. V. Strang , 254 US 491, Lewis v. US, 680 F.2d, 1239)alphabet

7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The Application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 not the Social SecurityAdministration. The new SS5 forms do not state who or what publishes them, the earlier SS5 forms state that they are Department of the Treasury forms. You can get a copy of the SS5 you filled out by sending form SSA-L996 to the SS Administration. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 42 2.103 (b) (2) (2) Read the cites above)

8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178)

9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1Stat. 138-178)

10. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number. House Report (103-826) sscard

11. We have One World Government, One World Law and a One World Monetary System.

12. The UN is a One World Super Government.

13. No one on this planet has ever been free. This planet is a Slave Colony. There has always been a One World Government. It is just that now it is much better organized and has changed its name as of 1945 to the United Nations.

14. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that “New York City was the capital of the World” and he was correct. (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)

15. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619, Steward Co. V. Davis 301 US 548.)

16. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF which is an Agency of the UN. (Look at it if you receive one. It should have written on the top left United States Treasury.)

17. You own no property, slaves can’t own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)patrickhenry

18. The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court but, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 Pa.C.S.A. 502)

19. The Revolutionary War was a fraud. See (22, 23 and 24)

20. The King of England financially backed both sides of the Revolutionary war. (Treaty at Versailles July 16, 1782, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)

…and as history repeats itself, Prescott Bush, father of George HW Bush and grandfather of George W. Bush, funded both sides of World War II. The Bush family have been traitors to the American citizens for decades.

“Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.”

George Bush Senior speaking in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992.

21. You can not use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are not a party to it. (Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Alderman of The City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

22. America is a British Colony. (THE UNITED STATES IS A CORPORATION, NOT A LAND MASS AND IT EXISTED BEFORE THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR AND THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.) Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, TheSociety for Propagating the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774.)

23. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)


24. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States. (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol.1 53-54)

25. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain. (IRS Publication 6209)


26. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

27. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of millions of people.(Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493)

28. The Pope’s laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844)(Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44)

29. We are slaves and own absolutely nothing not even what we think are our children. (Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)

30. Military General George Washington divided the States (Estates) into Districts. (Messages and papers of the Presidents Vo 1, pg 99. Websters 1828 dictionary for definition of Estate.)

31. ” The People” does not include you and me. (Barron v. Mayor & City Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243)


32. The United States Government was not founded upon Christianity. (Treaty of Tripoli 8 Stat 154.)

33. It is not the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect the Corporation and arrest code breakers. Sapp v. Tallahasee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff v. City of Philadelphia, 477 F.Supp. 1262, Lynch v. N.C. Dept of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247.

34. Everything in the “United States” is For Sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons airports etc. I wonder who bought Klamath lake. Did anyone take the time to check? (Executive Order 12803)

35. We are Human capital. (Executive Order 13037)

36. The UN has financed the operations of the United States government for over 50 years and now owns every man, women and child in America. The UN also holds all of the Land in America in Fee Simple.

37. The good news is we don’t have to fulfill “our” fictitious obligations. You can discharge a fictitious obligation with another’s fictitious obligation.

38. The depression and World War II were a total farce. The United States and various other companies were making loans to others all over the World during the Depression. The building of Germanys infrastructure in the 1930’s including the Railroads was financed by the United States. That way those who call themselves “Kings,” “Prime Ministers,” and “Furor.”etc could sit back and play a game of chess using real people. Think of all of the Americans, Germans etc. who gave their lives thinking they were defending their Countries which didn’t even exist. The millions of innocent people who died for nothing. Isn’t it obvious why Switzerland is never involved in these fiascoes? That is where the BIS “Bank of International Settlements” is located. Wars are manufactured to keep your eye off the ball. You have to have an enemy to keep the illusion of “Government” in place.

39. The “United States” did not declare Independence from Great Britian or King George.


40. The etymology of government means to control the mind. From Latinised Greekgubernatio “management, government”, from Ancient Greek κυβερνισμός, κυβέρνησις (kybernismos, kybernesis) “steering, pilotage, guiding”, from κυβερνάω (kybernao) “to steer, to drive, to guide, to act as a pilot” plus Latin mente “mind”.

This information is hidden in plain sight but if you want you can google any of this and find it credible. Time to rethink this country and it’s sovereignty, because basically we have no sovereignty in reality, and if you ever wondered how the UN can mandate laws to us well this is why, but that doesn’t mean we can’t object to it and change it. Lets free America for the first time with a validated declaration of independence and reboot this country. Please view the video below.


Continue reading “What is our government?”


Handcuff Hillary 2016 Updated 5/2018



Handcuff Hillary/Clintons for Quentin

By John Marshallhitlery arrested

The information contained herein is a compiled list and matter of public record from several sources like newspaper reports and news reports. This article including links is packed with so much information to go over, it may take a while to get through it all.

This information is dedicated to the idea of no more Bushes or Clintons ruling over us because Rockefeller wants it that way for the Rothschild’s!

Special thanks goes out to Mike Rivero at for his partial list… additionally I have added 42 more names that were not in Mikes article at the end of this article, for a total of 139 suspicious deaths and crimes counting a few close calls and collateral damage from un-intended targets. These crimes are only the one’s we know about that’s circulating in the public sector. The count seems to rise continually. Continue reading “Handcuff Hillary 2016 Updated 5/2018”