First blog post

This blog was started to activate peoples awareness of the criminals running our government. As a vet I am still honoring my oath by exposing the criminality in our so called government. As a citizen I am reminded that vigilance should be perpetual.  John MarshallAmazingTrees-wcth19

2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. We are either too stupid to allow this to continue . I know these Accusations are more than likely legitimate and no one has been able to get to these two criminals the Clintons . However this is the year they both go down , unless something happens to Trump accidentally or is murdered , if these two non patriots get close to winning after all the material that I have sent Trump and his staff , something is definitely wrong . We are going to the Convention along with over ten thousand motorcycle riders , us Military Veterans will be the buffer between the police and the Clinton Protestors . We even see any of them burning or stepping on the American Flag will pay a heavey price ,they will need to be carried off. We have done that in SC. , us Marines caught some people from Mexico , as they were speaking Spanish waving a Mexican Flag , started to burn an American Flag , some even had American Flags upside down stepping all over them , we took them to task ,,they had to crawl away after we got done , there was just two of us but atleast six of them . Some even having their phone cameras taking pictures , we broke a few of their phones as well . Then they said they wer going to call the police , we told them go right ahead . They eventually with the help of their friends went away , we no longer witnessed them at any more Trump Ralleys . We even caught a few people , who tried to steal the Trump Signs we had put around the Beaufort County area , Bluffton Hardeville area , they also paid a heavey price , people unless they suffer the consequences will never learn , it’s also a crime to steal Political signs , however they weren’t aware of that , they just hated Trump , some were from the other campaigns like Cruz , Rubio ,Bush , they also paid a heavey price as well.


    1. Thanks for reading Mike, it is a sad day in America when we have to use force in our own country to teach a lesson to those who would degrade our republic. Semper Fi brother, I am antique Marine from the Vietnam era and I too am sick of all this mental illness taking place it amazes me they haven’t arrest Soros or Clintons but as you say things are changing and the criminal elite are going to pay very soon…Paul Ryan has just caved in to Trump It is now Trumps GOP. Time to do battle with the mental illness of the left…


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